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5 Reasons why companies should count on ConVista for their business consulting


ConVista’s service offering, which is based on SAP, Microsoft and other technologies, has always incorporated operational business strategies and the optimization of processes by software integration and development. The company’s clients are global market leaders from the insurance, finance and energy sectors, as well as from the industries telecommunication, automobile and the retail trade: more than 350 customers including ten of the top 30 DAX companies across 22 countries. Now the consulting company is bundling the knowledge, which it has acquired over many years, into a service offering that can add customer value to clients looking for technical and process consulting and that goes hand in hand with IT-consultancy.

1.     ConVista understands customer-specific processes

The ConVista group service lines already offer services, which do not explicitly cover an IT-implementation. On an almost daily basis, consultants explain issues from a technical point of view, since globalization, constantly changing legal and market-specific requirements and necessary cost orientation require specialist knowledge.

2.     ConVista understands the markets

Consultants working in the insurance market have specialist knowledge of insurance related processes. Large organizations from the energy sector turn to ConVista’s experts with their technical questions about topics concerning the energy sector. This confidence is a reflection of the trust they have in ConVista as they know that ConVista will put in extra effort in order to meet their customer’s needs. ConVista is represented by more than 570 employees in 14 countries on four continents and this international approach guarantees a widespread accumulation and transfer of knowledge within ConVista. This in turn ensures that the Consultants are highly competent in industry specific requirement - a solid basis on which to develop business consulting capabilities.    

3.     ConVista provides effective consulting

By taking a technical and procedural approach to business consulting it is necessary to look at current and future developments. Current consulting projects at ConVista also look at the analysis and evaluation of future markets or customer requirements and the extent to which they might constitute an added value for the customer.

4.     ConVista possesses appropriate tools and methods

The experience and in-depth understanding of customer and industry-specific processes and methods have been consolidated into ConVista reference models. Using these reference models ConVista’s consultants devise meaningful concepts and procedure models for the analysis, optimization and automation of processes and create control processes using KPIs as well creating the necessary pre-requisites for a process-oriented organization and for future IT-technical implementations.

5.     ConVista is skilled in technical and IT-consultancy

Many consulting companies are only skilled in one of the service areas. From the very beginning the ethos at ConVista is to offer and combine both technical and IT consulting. To make this more evident to customers and to present services in a more transparent manner, ConVista needed to define what business consulting means to them. The consensus is that, “Business consulting is a technical and process-related consultancy. The target group of these services are the departments. The deliverables are studies, decision proposals and proofs of concept.”

Bernd Oehlen, Managing Partner at ConVista is responsible for the topic business consulting is convinced that: “by defining business consulting as a service offering, we underline our range of consulting services, which are already high in demand, from process to IT-strategy-consultancy. When providing business consulting services, our experts also support their customers with any technical problems. Our task is to work out the customer-specific requirements before the implementation of a project. This comprehensive economic collation helps to prepare a concluding decision."

Oehlen summarizes this offering: “Thanks to our expertise in business consulting, we know the technical requirements, their interaction as well as the respective consequences of a target-oriented acting. The foundation for this is our extensive experience in technical business processes and process interrelationships in various industries and company divisions. That’s how we are able to offer the optimal support. To put it in a nutshell: We understand our customers because we understand their business processes.”


Bernd Oehlen, ConVista Managing Partner

Tel.: +49 (221) 888 26 - 417