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SAP Basis Support

Assistance with ongoing administrative, troubleshooting, security, and tuning needs

SAP Basis, which is replaced by the Web Application Server in newer versions, literally forms the basis of SAP systems. In the base system, SAP applications are run by an ABAP / Java (J2EE) 'engine' and application data are stored in a database, which can be accessed either via the built-in database manager of SAP or via an external database manager.

Implementation and administration of the SAP application environment are the core activities of the basis support service. This includes installing the SAP system on various server architectures, operating systems and databases, as well as supporting and upgrading systems and performing migration tasks when aging computer hardware is replaced.

The basis activities include further services, which are not necessary for the operation of the base system but provide various auxiliary services for SAP applications.

SAP administration, SAP basis and technical support during version changes and migration projects, and other support services are carried out by our qualified (SAP-certified) professionals.

The basis services include the following core activities:

After installation, it must be ensured that the SAP system works without any problems. This includes performing regular backups, maintaining user data, monitoring (and, if necessary, modifying) the runtime environment, loading the application patches to the system, etc. Our company has experience in operating the system, designing its operational environment and holding training on the administrative tasks.

SAP is continuously developing its system, publishing newer and newer versions. Sometime after a new version is published, the development of the earlier versions is stopped and the company no longer offers product support for them. Therefore, operators of installed SAP systems must eventually upgrade their existing systems to a newer version. Upgrading is a complex and time-consuming job because upgrading the SAP-based system, migrating the related SAP applications to the new version and providing training for the users about the modified functions in the applications, requires significant professional knowledge.

Hardware devices are developed at a dazzling speed, and their performance is continually increasing. At the same time, the size of the databases, the range of the services provided by the applications and their resource needs are continuously growing. Therefore, it is understandable that hardware devices that are only a few years old are considered to be obsolete. The performance of SAP systems operating in such an environment is frequently insufficient, the response times are slow and the users are unsatisfied, which hinders the fast and effective administration expected in our age. The solution in these cases is moving the SAP system to new hardware. SAP migrations that do not involve changing the type of operating system or the database manager are called homogeneous migrations. We have significant experience in this field, both in the actual execution of the process and in managing and solving any problems that may arise.

Attila Domján

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