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SAP Workflow

Fast, controlled and monitored business processes and information exchange

Using an integrated ERP system significantly accelerates transactions management within various functional areas of a company and increases efficiency, however, investments into existing SAP systems are often not fully capitalized upon.

Information exchange among various organizational units is still largely based on human interaction. Purchase orders related to invoices to be paid still have to be searched for manually, and then the invoices may sit on an approver's desk awaiting approval. In many organizations, incoming mail is still distributed in the slow and insecure traditional way of forwarding paper; the process from creating a purchase request to creating the contract is unexplainably long.

As a result, the status of a given activity is difficult to follow, substitution for the participants is problematic, some documents may get lost, and delays in processing may lead to significant financial losses.

With business process automation, companies can avoid the above situations and increase operational efficiency. Using SAP Business Workflow, work processes and information exchange throughout the organization can be implemented in a fast, controlled and monitored way. Business processes become more flexible and transparent, and information gets delivered where and when it's needed. Ultimately, the company can make the most of its ERP system and increase competitiveness, which is the primary goal of the management.

If you are looking to find a solution for these challenges, ConVista is your partner. Our consultants have several years of experience with creating SAP-based workflow solutions in various areas of enterprise operation (logistics, finance, HR, etc.). Successful collaboration is guaranteed by our practical experience accumulated through over 40 workflow projects implemented at Hungarian medium and large enterprises.

SAP Business Workflow is an important tool in defining and managing business processes electronically. It automates the flow of documents, information, and activities, using the organizational structure for forwarding and processing workflow tasks. SAP Workflow provides a number of tools for defining and analyzing workflows, as well as for monitoring operation. Using the information collected, the bottlenecks in process flows can be identified and processes can be redefined and optimized.

The most significant results of implementing SAP Workflow are the following:

  • Accelerated business processes
  • Improved managenent of forthcoming changes (including personnel changes)
  • Fewer processing errors, where data loss is not a concern
  • Coordinated and optimized work processes
  • Increased productivity and profitability, reduction in overall costs

SAP Workflow is an efficient cross-application tool that is fully integrated in the SAP system. As a result, no extra purchases or installations are required.

Attila Domján

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